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“Ron Barch 88” cane rod

Length: 7′ 4″ or 7′ 6″
Description: Short, powerful 5-6-7 weight
Origin: Ron Barch


Not for Everyone:  I have a river near my home that holds trophy smallmouth, large Northern pike, and scary muskellunge!  That’s the good news, the bad news is that it is a narrow river and it’s best to fish it from a boat.  What’s needed to get the job done is a short, powerful rod able to cast large flies. 


Years ago I came across such a rod, the Cross Sylph, a wonderful 7ft. 6-7 wt. that cast like a dream.  I took the numbers from an original Cross Sylph and added 4 inches, played around some and came up with a taper for small, tight waters, big flies and even bigger fish! 


This rod casts OK with a 5 wt. line and pretty well with a 6 wt. line.  When I test cast a 7 wt. line, the rod cast quicker and farther — 65-70 feet was no problem!  Better yet this taper does just as well close in and due to its short length, 7’4″, lands good fish quickly.  I call the taper #88. 


This taper is also available in a 7’6” length which I call “The Island Pool.”


Length: 7′ 4″ or 7′ 6″

Description: Short, powerful 5-6-7 weight

Origin: Ron Barch

Price: $1,050 – $1,250


  • Single tip — $1,050
  • Two tip — $1,250
  • Two piece rod
  • Includes brass-capped tube and cloth sack


Each bamboo rod is custom made at the time of order. As a custom rod maker Ron is always pleased to work with clients in an attempt to provide that “Perfect Rod” for your specific needs. He enjoys a challenge and believes split cane fly rods should be unique creations and personal expressions of the craftsman.


Please email Ron to inquire about purchasing a custom-built “Ron Barch 88” cane rod.


Optional: Halcyon hexagonal hardwood case


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